State-Based Home Energy Efficiency Contractor Training Grants

What does this funding get me?

This Department of Energy (DOE) program makes $200 million available to state energy offices ($150 million as formula grants and the rest as competitive grants) to train, test, and certify residential energy efficiency and electrification contractors, many of whom will be doing the work on improvements eligible for rebates under the $8.8 billion HEAR and HER home energy rebate programs. States can work with nonprofits or other partner organizations to develop and implement these programs that will prepare contractors and their employees to bring clean energy technologies into homes.  This program is also known as Training for Residential Energy Contractors (TREC).

Am I eligible?

Only states and territories can receive the grants. States will receive formula grants of $150 million, with North Carolina receiving $3,698,030 and South Carolina $2,397,600.

In addition, states may apply for a competitive grant of up to $5 million.

The NC and SC State Energy Offices may set up training programs themselves or work with partner organizations to set up and run training programs.

How can I access the money?

To access formula funds, states and territories determined their residential energy efficiency and electrification workforce needs and submitted applications to meet those needs.

Between 10 and 30 competitive awards will be made to states for up to $5 million each. Find application instructions here.

When the training programs are established, we will post details on this page and provide instructions for accessing the training opportunities. Or contact the NC and SC State Energy Offices (see links below) for more information.

What is the timeline?

Timeline for formula grants: Applications have been submitted. Awards to states will be confirmed by April 30, 2024 and the first 50% installment will be paid when states sign an “executed assistance agreement” with the DOE. The second 50% installment will be paid when the states submit results from the program evaluation and plans for incorporating the evaluation results into improving the current state program.

Timeline for competitive grants: States must submit a letter of intent to apply to the DOE by May 9, 2024 and the deadline for full applications is July 12, 2024.

What other incentives could I use to help me accomplish my goals?

For additional training assistance, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center provides numerous training programs and online/in-person courses related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Click here for more information.

Where can I get more information?