Helping You Get Access to Energy Funding

Energy Funds for All is a resource guide to help NC and SC residents access support for home and community energy projects.

illustration of man and woman talking about energy funding

Accessing Federal Funding Can Feel Overwhelming, But We Make it Accessible

Since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed in 2022, it feels like information has come out on a daily basis telling us how to access funds. However, oftentimes these links are not widely distributed and the money is difficult to access. That’s where Energy Funds for All comes in.

Energy Funds for All — A Regularly Updated Resource Library

Over the past few months, a network of organizations from around North and South Carolina have been working together to get IRA funding information all in one place. Together, we’ve built — a website toolkit for everyone from homeowners and renters to municipalities on how to access the funds.

Our toolkit features handy one-sheeters and helpful guides, ensuring you make the most of the available funds. And here’s the best part: it’s regularly updated and available to all stakeholders eager to make a difference!

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